Episode 5

Published on:

2nd Sep 2021

Mike From Liar Thief Bandit Shares His Top 5 (S4 E5)

Mike from the band Liar Thief Bandit sits down with us to share his top 5 albums of all time. This was a lot of fun, and because we're talking about music, we dive into some pretty kick-ass rabbit holes, so grab your favorite beverage and a snack and hit play.

Check out Liar Thief Bandit at their official site: https://liarthiefbandit.com/


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Mike Svensson, the lead singer of the bands Grand Rezerva, Dead Anarchy & Solid Rust and Phil Bowyer, co-founder of BoozeHound Entertainment talk about collecting and listening to vinyl records. Intro and Outro music by Grand Rezerva (http://grandrezerva.com).
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