Episode 3

Published on:

28th Jan 2021

Interview with Mike Jacobson of Liar Thief Bandit (S3 E3)

This week, Mike Jacobson from the band Liar Thief Bandit sits down with Mike and Phil to discuss how he went from CD's, to MP3's and then to vinyl. We'll find out which record was his first purchase, the band that influenced him to start playing music, and we'll also hear Liar Thief Bandit's new song,  "Catch And Release". 

Sounds on Vinyl is hosted by Mike Svensson and Phil Bowyer

Produced by BoozeHound Entertainment

Intro and Outro music by Grand Rezerva

Intro and Outro voiceover by Kate Bowyer

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Sounds On Vinyl
Mike Svensson, the lead singer of the bands Grand Rezerva, Dead Anarchy & Solid Rust and Phil Bowyer, co-founder of BoozeHound Entertainment talk about collecting and listening to vinyl records. Intro and Outro music by Grand Rezerva (http://grandrezerva.com).
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