Episode 7

Published on:

13th Jan 2022

Crossovers - The Music of the 1980s (S5 E7)

This week we dive into the 80s with a discussion of the numerous crossovers that made the 80s a very special time in music. We talk about Punk influence in hard rock and metal with Danzig, Paul Dianno and Suicidal Tendencies.

We then dive into the rise of Rap Metal and talk about Anthrax, Aerosmith & Run DMC, and Ice-T.

Let us know if you want a Batman Thong Band T-Shirt - if you want 'em, we'll make 'em.

Thanks for listening!


We wish we could play the music on the show to give the full experience, but since we can't, we've created a playlist specifically for this season, which we'll update as we progress through each episode.


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