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6th May 2021

B-Side Episode 1 - Bombwalk (B-Side Premiere)

Every record has two sides, and this is the B-Side show. Instead of dead air in between seasons, we decided to do something special. You could call it a show within a show where we sit around and drink from the horns while we introduce you to some music you probably haven't heard before. 

This week it's a band called Bombwalk. They're a bunch of teenagers who decided to release a full-length 80's thrash record. We go through a few of the songs and share our take on the songs and the album as a whole. 

Songs Played:

  • Hostile
  • New World War
  • Enforced Global Suicide
  • Murder

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Intro and Outro music by Grand Rezerva, courtesy BoozeHound Music
Intro and Outro voiceover by Kate Bowyer

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